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The question of how much it costs to place a child in daycare is asked frequently on forums and social media sites. The purpose of the child care cost survey below is to provide accurate and up-to-date child care cost to our visitors. Please fill out this quick survey. You will help parents who are in the process of budgeting for this sizable expense. The responses are anonymous and only aggregate data will be posted.

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User submitted comments

daycare comment

December 27, 2013

I am a certified Care aide/mom, who LOVES children! I am so excited to open my new dayhome in Calgary starting this summer 2014!!! I have all certificates in CPR, first aide, food safe, whims, as well as a clean criminal record check. I am currently living in the Kootenays in BC, but My family and I are selling our home and moving to our birthplace of Calgary. I am surprised at some of the comments I have heard about how hard it seems to be to find quality child care in the big city. I know our children are our heart and souls, and I cant imagine having to be a parent worried about whether their child is in good hands? Im sorry to anyone who has had to go through this. I take pride in knowing that I will be giving excellent care, love, patience and compassion to your little ones. Also a fun and safe place to learn and play! I have 2 children aged 13, and 5. My kids are sweet and funloving, and also love to be around other kids. I think working with seniors and people with disabilities has made me change inside. Ive always been kind and sensitive, but these experiences opened up my soul. I have been truley blessed by these wonderful people in my life! It has brought out an appreciation of health, and an understanding of what true compassion is. I really look forward to coming home, and to having beautiful children surrounding me everyday! these are the things that truley make me happy!
daycare comment

July 07, 2013

this is for the person who raised a concern about the staff from daycares that charge parents late fees($1 a min). I understand that not all parents make the same amount of salary, which also goes with Child care providers. Childcare providers dont make much, which depends on their level. Which starts level 1,2, &3. They make from 12.50 up to 17.75an hour,and dont get paid after the time the daycare is closed. Once the parents are late we charge parents due to the fact that we don get paid after hours and our salary are relying on parents fees. i do understand parents frustration, but i do respect parents if they dont get upset when we do ask for late fees because we dont make a whole lot.
daycare comment

January 31, 2013

I am a day home mom for Ten years now! I feel so blessed and Grateful to have the Privlige of working from home, especially with children!! I am shocked at somecof the horror stories I hear about other day homes! I worked outside the home when my own children were younger, and was so stressed about paying for proper care for my children.If a dayhome is overcharging, no craft time, no outdoor activities, then you can be sure your children are not recieving the proper care they should be!! Do not despair parents, keep looking, as there is alot of loving dayhome parents out there..Make sure you ask alot of Questions, and ask to take a complete tour of their should be able to get a good idea of how rearing of your child shall be!!
daycare comment

December 24, 2012

Can someone pls help me to understand how much Daycare workers make in Calgary? And, i do have one comment to make about Parents being late for pick up and the complaining about being charged. I truly believe that in any job, people can get tied up and have to work an extra 15 mins or half an hour later than expected. And, they have to be Professional about it because it happens. I can say that working in an Office environment for 14 yrs that you do not get over time for this so i guess my question is why would a daycare worker expect to get paid 1 dollar per minute. I would understand taking serious action if a parent abuses the daycare system and is frequently late but not for one time. Other than that, i know that i respect the workers at my Son's Daycare just like i respect all people. The disrespect that is received is most likely the way that these Parents treat everyone and shouldn't be taken personally.
daycare comment

September 21, 2012


I would like to comment on some of the postings I have read and maybe add some insight if I may. I have been in this business for 30 years. I started as a teen and have worked in both a large centre and my own private dayhome. I have personal experience with licencing officers and I can tell you with out a doubt that they see and give out non-complience forms to centres all the time. What they seldom do is actually follow up on them. Its very rare that they shut down a cente or regulated dayhomes no matter how bad they are. I have been studying and documenting this stuff for years and hope to put together a documentary that will for once and all bring these serious issues to light. Children under the ages of 5 are very vunlerable and they often have no say. Early Childcare workers have been underpaid and disrespected since the business of childcare began. Alberta has some of the lowest childcare regulations in the Country and I think that needs to change. Parents, Childcare workers and the government need to do what is in the best interest of our children. That to me is someone who is being paid well and who actually has some education in both early childcare and business. I have both. Parents need to look at childcare just as they do thier car payments, house payments and the many other things they seem to spend more money on that childcare. They need to take the same amount of time doing research for childcare as they do when they buy homes and cars. The bottom line is that this is a serious business. There are good and bad care givers in both public and private childcare. Anyone doing it to just stayhome with thier kids or make some extra money is not in my opinion getting into this bussines for the right reasons. Children deserve the best possible care at all times.
daycare comment

September 10, 2012

One thing i will never understand,

---Moms and Dads work, Make a decent wage, Sometimes even Time and a half -Babysitter Makes next to non, and NEVER time and a half

---Mom and dads house bills, food Bills get less - Babysitters House Bills, Food Bills get higher,

---Moms and dads get a break away from kids *working or not*, -Babysitters Don't get Much time off

---Mom and dads Can live off one or 2 jobs, Babysitters Cannot Live off 1 or 2 children,

---Moms and dads work hrs are set time ( for most example 7am-4pm ) a babysitter Gets what ever time mom and dad Get there
* some complain about being charged extra* If moms and dads worked later do they get payed or do they just HAVE to tuff it out*

---Moms and dads get paid vacation Babysitters Have to fight for there,

daycare comment

March 13, 2012

I kind a agree with poster(Feb-15th) on "These stay home moms opening businesses knowing nothing about communication, proper childcare..."

I have recently moved to Calgary and I'm actually surprised to see that anyone can look after children in this country! And allowing 11 years old "kid" to babysit for their chil/ren..?

I have recently opened a private day home and withing a few weeks I started looking after my first dck. There is a lot of demand here especially for babies. I heard from families that I met and interviewed with that not all in fact, none of the day homes in my area provide care for infants. Why? Because babies are a lot of work and need lots of attention. They are not self sufficient which makes the care harder.

I look after infants cause I love them! and there is a big demand for infant care. I charge slightly more compare to the other day homes in my area. Because, I have over ten years of experience with qualifications and excellent references. And I only look after 3 children maximum! I'm not a stay at home mom who opened a day home so that she can stay at home with her own kids. I'm not saying it's wrong. If there is a demand for that why not? That is up to them. And also I'm not doing this until I find a better job to fill the gap. I'm professional and I'm good with what I do. My families thank me everyday! for looking after their children well and my dck's don't want to leave my home at the end of the day.

I don't believe that registered day homes are better then private ones. And for your info. you don't have to have the qualifications or experience to have a registered day home. Anyone can go and register her/his day home. In fact, I know a lady who had NO childcare experience apart from her own 3 grown up sons. She has a registered day home and when she has an appointment she leaves the children with one of her sons to babysit for them. I don't think families know about this. So who is there to check on her? Please people don't be naive to believe that registered day homes are better then private ones. You should check day homes by yourself! And not to trust any! agency. Do your own homework.

Now, why I opened a private day home? Because, I wanted to start working immediately. I did not have to wait for unknown amount of time so that they can approve! me. I don't need them to find me families as I have already found clients withing a couple of weeks of opening my day home. And I don't have to pay a percentage of my hard earned money to the agency. For me, agencies are for the people who has no experience and need guidance. I have the experience and I don't need guidance. I know what I'm doing. Unlike most of the day homes so why should I pay for someone to approve! me? Families can check my qualifications, talk to my references and see my First Aid Certificate. So in my case, I don't need an agency. Does that make me a bad caregiver? I don't think so.
daycare comment

March 08, 2012

I am thoroughly offended by the last poster!
I run an unregistered dayhome, I have contacted licensing agencies for area several times, and the ONE call back I received advised it was a 6 month wait to get an initial visit from them!

I have a four year college education, and several years of experience in the preschool/daycare field and I have my own son. I do not "bully" my parents, as a matter of fact most of my parents are so gracious and thankful for my services I get gifts on holidays such as Valentines Day!!! I respect my parents, and they respect me! I run my dayhome as a business, and I am honest in my policy and procedures handbook to my parents. I get paid vacation, and Christmas holidays -- just like most other employees in Calgary!

I charge my families $1000 a month, but I also run a recognized preschool curriculum, and have another staff member come in to work with the younger children while I teach the preschool program. This way my parents don't have to try to juggle half day preschool, and miss time from work... And they arent paying for preschool and a dayhome/daycare! I offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks. I have new toys every two weeks, we always a full variety of craft supplies, and we do one take home craft a day!

I offer the children time with a "Tablet", as technology is a very important part of their future! Grade one children are expected to be able to do google searches and know a keyboard... ! My children get one on one attention everyday, and most of my two year olds test at a kindergarten level! So to group all private dayhomes as a horrible choice is being discriminatory!

Also, as a I side note, I advertised my dayhome to get my first two kids, the rest have all e referrals from those two families, and the preschool where I used to work! I have impeccable references, and I take great pride in what I do, and the service I provide! So before you judge the whole group of "private providers" based on your experience, maybe broaden your horizons!!!!
daycare comment

February 15, 2012

It's a horrible experience looking for dayhomes in Calgary. I found two dayhomes and both were private. Private dayhomes are an absolute NO FOREVER. They do whatever the please, not checked or regulated OR answerable to anyone. They bully the parents knowing they are in the driving seat. Child care should be monitored by the city now. These stay home moms opening businesses knowing nothing about communcation, proper childcare or business attitude are a such a huge headache for the parents. Anyone who send their kids to dayhomes please make sure they are registered and you have atleast 3-2 references. These people are thugs out there....
daycare comment

August 09, 2011

I a mom of a three-year boy (the one and only child so big Mama's boy ;) and I stayed home for the first three years, then realized that I love my son to bits but need a daily dose of adult interaction. I was not prepared for the mess of trying to find a dayhome or daycare that I felt comfortable with! Yes, I have high standards for the care of my son (two meals, snacks, playtime and lots of social interaction - I know, so demanding...)and there were no shortage of dayhomes out there but there is a SEVERE SHORTAGE of QUALITY ones! Luckily, I did find one (ironically, my very first pick - and I looked at over 27 homes!) and I feel like I won the lottery! "Angel" was not a licensed dayhome (a big no-no on my list) fact, she was only open for about 6 months at the time, (another big no-no) but my gut kept on telling me to have a second interview with her. I couldn't imagine a better place for my son to be. Despite having three other children to look after, she gives them all one-on-one attention throughout the day, isn't afraid to pick them up if they need reassurance or just a big hug, and I knew I had done the right thing when my son told me he wanted to go to her house on a Saturday! (it took almost the first whole week he was there to accept the fact that Mommy couldn't be all the time!). So, my advice to all the moms and dads out there...don't give up...there are excellent child-care providers out there...don't follow the "rules"...GO WITH YOUR GUT!
daycare comment

March 25, 2011

i am currently an approved dayhome. i have high standards but i am on the verge of going private. good dayhomes are hard to find. there is lots of dayhomes with spots through agencies that id never put my children in! they can have a level II or III and it means squat! private or not...pop in and check it out. drop by at a lunch time to ensure they are feeding them well, see their first aid and police clearance of everyone in the household that is over 18, is anyone else at home helping the provider. no one is to change my kids butt...or aid in bathroom than that provider! they need to have common sense. make sure they stay in ratios. no more than 6 children under 12. these are our children... dont pick a dayhome because its cheap!
im leaving the agency due to ratio. i have 2 2yr old and one almost 2 and i want to add a 1yr old. i am well equipped to handle them all. one of the 2 yr olds is my own child. there isnt any children 3yrs up to fill my spots! I know alot of moms struggling to find quality care. its crazy and scary.
daycare comment

January 06, 2011

This is CRAZY trying to find a Dayhome for my son!!! i have contacted a ton of people only to find out that they have no spots or i would never leave my son with them in the first place. A very disappointing experience. I am thinking of not going back to work at all now since this is not working out too well :(
daycare comment

November 16, 2010

I have been running a non-licensed dayhome for 5 years because I could not find someone that I trusted with my son. It does NOT matter whether you are licensed or not, what matters is the quality of care you will get. I have personally shut down 4 dayhomes in my area with social services (all licensed) that were abusing (verbally and/or physically) the kids, or neglecting them!! I know that my fee is on the lower end of the average rate for the city of Calgary but I know that my service far exceeds the average of the city!! The kids are loved and fed proper meals and snacks, outside time ect. I have an open door policy, parents do NOT have to call me before they come, I have nothing to hide, so come when you like, even if your child is sleeping, its your right as the parent to wake him/her up from their nap!! Finally if someone says they have Child Welfare and Police clearance, ASK to SEE it!!! These are our kids and they should be safe in the dayhome you choose!!
daycare comment

November 09, 2010

I am a private dayhome provider. I was with an agancy when I began but couldn't fill my dayhome due to the age restrictions within the dayhome. The reason i went private was because everyone knocking on my door needing care all had children under the age of 2. I was turning them away due to the agenct restrictions while I only had one child in my care. It was either quit and put my own 2 yr old in child care to find a different job or go private. That doesn't mean I don't still follow all the standards from the agency. I had to be approved through the agency to work for them. Not all private childcare is horrible and unsafe.
I think the reason it's hard to find providers is because we can't charge what we deserve to do this job or we wouldn't have children in our care. I charge a monthly rate and I make on average $8/hour. I have 3 children in my care. Two 2yr olds and a 19mos old. I also have my own 2yr old. Right now I am potty training three 2yr olds for $8/hr. If I raise my prices I lose my children. There's no way I can add another child to my home in the middle of potty training three 2yr olds.

I think parents need to understand their providers more. Ask your provider about THEIR day when you pick up your children. There are so many evenings these children leave my care with hugs and kisses and I feel so unappreciated by the parents. Their child spends more time with me then they do their own parents.
daycare comment

September 07, 2010

I have run my private day home for almost 4 yrs. I too have looked into become a registered day home but after speaking with several parents and other day homes the only real value of being registered is for the few parents who would qualify for subsidy. There is no guarantee that the day home you find will be safe whether registered or not, as a parent you need to constantly be watching and checking up on your day home, watching your children and being open with your provider. Caring for children is not an easy job, I love every one of the children that I care for in my home, however there are some parents that really could a timeout! Be open with your provider - let them know your expectations, appreciate what they do - you may be paying for the care but they are helping you raise your child, by keeping communication open and honest and saying thank you once in a while - you'll know when you have found the right day home for you and your child.
daycare comment

August 31, 2010

Im a day home owner since almost 4 years ago. The only reason I started a day home was because I couldn't find child care when we moved to Calgary. Im not licensed. Don't get me wrong, I tried to get licensed for the first 6 months of me running a day home. No one at the day home agency had time to come and provided me with the information or come look at the house to make sure everything was approved and give me the go ahead. Then I talked to previous day home owners and they said not to bother, an agency do take % off what you make a month. Approved or not, they are not there to provide the services with you. I do feel for all the parents that has had bad services. I do researches all the time to make sure Im not over and that Im fare for everyone that step in into my day home. Im blessed with all the kids and parents that have walked in here that they give good compliments about my day home and they recommend me to everyone they meet. I have kids, every time I see these kinds of messages on here it breaks my heart. My kids have never been to a day home in Calgary and this is for all the reasons why. I do put in the work and the time every day to make sure every one goes home happy. It makes me happy every day that the kids want to stay here sometimes and not go home. You have to find the joy in your day home provider that I have in myself. I think it would be easy to tell if a day home provider was all wrong for my children. Children do talk and you should always always talk to your day home provider if you have any problems to fix them and not judge right at first. I hope my story helps.
daycare comment

April 26, 2010

To all parents out there looking for childcare, I can't stress enough how important it is find a licensed child care facility. We did not and I cannot believe how our family was treated but we later found out that this also happened to at least 3 other families. We were charged an unreasonable amount of money, we had to supply our own lunches for our children, our children did not get outside, they did not come home with any crafts and we had to promptly pick them up at 5:00pm or else we were charged more. Unlicensed daycares do not have to follow a mandate and therefore they can do anything they want with our children and they do.
daycare comment

May 20, 2009

There are NO spots for children 12 months to 19 months. Most places don't even take your child the MONTH they turn 19 month JUST on their birthdate. Then they charge extra because you are only coming for part of the month! The government SHOULD give 19 month maternity leave.
daycare comment

April 06, 2009

I find every time I need to go looking for care, no one wants two boys. I am currently looking for care, for my two boys in the Coventry Hills area. My issue currently is finding care that can also get them to and from school. Everyone wants the preschool aged children and not boys.
daycare comment

January 13, 2009

Find a Day/Care in Calgary is a very stressfull process. Some people who owns day homes/care are abusing families who need the service by charging a lot or money and providing poor quality of service... The gouverment should put regulations and rules in place regarding price increases, menus, etc.
daycare comment

January 26, 2008

it is horrifying trying to find child care, and even wokse to find quality child care. It took 8 months to find our first caregiver, and now we are moving and have to start again. We have contacted 43 care providers, with only 2 having room for our children. Neither of them are individuals whome we would leave our children with. This needs to become a priority. We already have a shortage of workers in this city, and if we don't fix this issue, or make child care more accessible for employees, businesses will lose even more valuable workers as there is no one to care for the children.

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The Calgary Zoo is one of the most popular and interesting destinations for both children and adults. The Calgary Zoo has over 1,000 animals from all around the world. School and daycare visits are welcome but you must call in advance to pre-register and ensure that you maintain ratios at all times. They are open year round except for Christmas Day. For more detailed and up to date information, check their website.

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The Calgary Tower is just the place for children and adults to have loads of fun and to learn from new heights and explore Calgaryís most famous landmark. While you learning at new heights why not take a walk on the Glass Floor. The Calgary Tower offers access to all visitors onto their Glass Floor Experience. The Calgary Tower can customize the learning material to a particular age group or subject. Advance booking is advised and remember to ask about group rates.

Butterfield Acres is a fun place for the entire family. Both adults and children will enjoy a ride on the tractor pulled wagon, feeding the animals and even milking a goat. Butterfield Acres also offers a Summer Day Camp for children between 3 to 14 years of age. School and daycare bookings are also available. Check with Butterfield Acres for more detailed information and donít forget to take a pony ride before you end your trip. Butterfield Acres is open seasonally and close from November to March, but they are available to come to your location.

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