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How much do you pay for child care in Aylmer?

The question of how much it costs to place a child in daycare is asked frequently on forums and social media sites. The purpose of the child care cost survey below is to provide accurate and up-to-date child care cost to our visitors. Please fill out this quick survey. You will help parents who are in the process of budgeting for this sizable expense. The responses are anonymous and only aggregate data will be posted.

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User submitted comments

daycare comment

February 25, 2013

If you should leave your child under the care of others, insure that they have cameras during the staying of the children. Don't trust anyone, also insure that the day care is safe, clean and that the person speak one of the official languages fluently. In case of an emergency the person must be able to lead the 911 call to the right spot and aware of what happened to the child. All Child care givers must have first aid certificate. Better yet a retired nurse will be the best to have as a child care giver.
I used paid child care service before, the person had excellent references. Eventually my little girl started to feel terrified and grabbing my legs in tears with her eyes wide open so that would't leave her in that place. I figured out that something wrong was going on. I left my child turned around the block and returner to the place, stood outside beside the entrance door, and her husband and wife fighting like mad dogs and my child terrified in a corner crying. I removed my child at once.
In the same place my little girl had a whole nail injure (like half moon) on her little arm, with crusted blood. My child could not speak as yet,so she could not tell me anything with words, but actions, she was only about 14 months. Even today after 30 years I still feeling guilty and will never pardon myself for trusting...
daycare comment

July 19, 2010

There is a real shortage of daycare spots in aylmer, subsidized or non subsidized. I am fortunate to have family that is more than happy to watch my 2 girls until they enter school. If I didn't have this option, I do not know who I would manage to leave my child with some of the daycares advertised. Also, alot of the postings are limited to children over 2, and the hours of operations are usually 8-4 or not enough time for people to work an 8 hour shift and then pick up their child. I guess the real problem is the lack of options, and then trying to find one spot is a nightmare let alone two spots in the same daycare.

I find it is hard to leave your child with anyone, and I want them to be safe, have fun socializing and learning off other children. Price is not the deciding factor to me. If you are deciding to move to aylmer because of daycare costs alone, I would be cautioned that subsized spots are hard to come by, especially if your child is under 2.

What's it like to look for a daycare spot in Aylmer?

Most of out-of-town parents are at a loss when it comes to finding daycare centers in Aylmer. Is there a shortage of childcare providers in Aylmer? what costs will they incurr in the specific age group? What child care programs are setup in Aylmer? By sharing your experience, you can help other parents who are in the process of looking for daycare in Aylmer. NOTE: Please do not advertise in this section as it is not created for that purpose. Ads will be removed. Your new comment will not show until it is approved


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