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Title: WWYD?
Post by: Pilipa on December 03, 2011, 06:32:58 PM
I just opened my Daycare FT on the first. Before we moved I accepted kids on a PT basis. DCMom is paying for a FT spot and then some. I agreed to take her daughter until 8pm 6 days a month. Mom is a nurse and Dad works out of town.

First day comes around and DCK is sick. Okay fine. Second day she comes for her 13 hr day (7 am to 8 pm) DCK is very abbrassive in her behaviour. Shes been at a really rough daycare. My DS was playing next to her and she told me "to get my stupid baby away from her" I knew that there would be a learning curve and some added teaching with this child but she was for sure more well behaved with mom around.

Mom picks her up 30 minutes late. Now my DS is an hr late going through his bedtime routine. No phone call saying that she will be late or that she is on her way. She lets me know why she was late when she arrives. In passing my DD asks daycare kid where her Dad is, and the mom mentions that he is at home waiting for them... I have no idea why he couldn't come to get her.

This family has paid me their deposit but that is it. Payment was due the first of the month. I'm just wondering if I give this family another chance or if I cut my losses and move on.
Title: Re: WWYD?
Post by: monkeys on December 13, 2011, 08:21:51 PM
I would give DC mom a brief rundown of how the day went and just remind her that if she is running  late to give you a call. With my parents, I try to keep on open communication policy, if their child is struggling in some way I ask for their suggestions (they do know their kids the best) and try them out. As for being late, I always ask parents to try to be on time and if they are running late (for drop off or pick up) to give me a quick call.  If late pick ups become habitual I would give them a warning and then start charging them for that extra time.
Title: Re: WWYD?
Post by: Rose on January 12, 2012, 02:09:03 PM
Do you have a parent's handbook stating your policies and procedures?  If not, make one.  Include in the handbook the following:

Late policy:  many of the daycares around where I am charge $1/minute.  Personally, I charge $4/30 minutes, but that's because I don't have any late pick-up kids.  If someone is habitually late, I refuse to care for them.

Late payments:  My policy is as follows:  Payment due on the first.  Period.  If payment is not received on the first, on the second I hand deliver a letter stating "contract cancelled for non-payment".  There is a late-payment fee of $25 that must be paid, in full, in cash, before I will write up another contract.  If they try to show up on the second, I refuse to take them.

I used to work in insurance and I am quite used to cancelling people for non-payment of policy.  If you don't have a contract stating terms and conditions, do one up.  Otherwise, it's a case of "he said, she said" when it comes time to pay, which isn't fair to anyone.