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Title: Lego, Lego, Everywhere - get that outta your mouth!
Post by: Rose on March 02, 2012, 01:41:49 PM
Well, my two boys (ages 5 and 8) are finally moving into their own bedrooms. 

I know, I know, many people believe they should be in their own rooms from birth onwards, but that's not us.  (One even said they would turn into psychopaths if they stayed in our room)

Anyway, as part of the move I am looking at storage options.  We have ikea bins for the smaller stuff, one transformer bin, one bin for *other* for each child, and lego.  So far 3 bins of lego.  All lego sets individually sorted into ziploc bags. 

I just asked what they want for their birthday, and wii games and lego top the list.  wii games don't take up much room, but the lego is growing.  And growing, and growing.

I googled lego storage options, and grabbed a few ideas from there.

Looking at a shelving unit for the bins of bagged lego sets, and a nail/screw organizer (wish I knew what those things were called) for the "extra" pieces that float around.

What with the daycare and all, having pieces lying around is NOT an option, so hopefully this works until they lose their interest in lego, or move downstairs and we re-organize again.