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Title: Child learning to walk - Please share with me your experience!
Post by: Sara on April 30, 2012, 01:15:18 AM
Good Day fellow Moms and Dads!

My name is Sara and I am a stay at home mom of a wonderful two year old boy and I am also an aspiring entrepreneurial mom. I have joined your discussion group not only to share, listen and connect to parents across Canada but also to seek your advice and expertise such as I am today.

Last year I have found myself looking for answers to challenges my one year old son and I were experiencing - one of which was how to better support his desire to practice walking especially when we were outside of our home. As a parent, your experiences and opinions are valuable and are essential in product development. With your feedback, I am hoping to develop a product that will help to improve the experience of learning to walk for both parent and child. This is not a marketing survey sent out by big companies. Id like to ask for five minutes of your time to complete this survey that was written by me, a fellow parent, for parents. Please be assured, your responses will be kept anonymous.

Please click on the survey link below (or cut and paste the survey link in your website browser) and complete this survey no later than Sunday May 6, 2012. Your time and expertise is much appreciated.

Help spread the word! Please copy and email the message with the survey link to your friends! Together we can help make parenting easier. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Sara, a fellow parent and aspiring entrepreneurial mom
Title: Re: Child learning to walk - Please share with me your experience!
Post by: Sara on May 01, 2012, 10:06:53 PM
Good evening fellow parents...

I have decided that I want to change my name from aspiring entrepreneurial mom to inventor. Last night I watched the movie A Flash of Genius. What an inspiring movie but also very depressing. Dr. Kearns had the tough choice between his family and his ambitions. I'm not a genius like Dr. Kearns but I do understand the choices he had to make. Just in developing the survey and the emails/FB and discussion board messages took so many hours away from me playing with my son and many hours of lost sleep. What makes it worse is finding out that all this work may have all been in vain. The response rate for the feedback re: learning to walk experience - is extremely low. I'm hoping it will improve and that parents - like you -will read my message and realize that this is not just another survey. This is not a survey developed by a corporation. I'm just a mom, an unemployed mom who is looking for something meaningful to do with her life. Yes, parenthood is meaningful enough but is it wrong to want to more as well? If you haven't already, please do take the time to check out my post below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sara, fellow parent and aspiring Inventor
Title: Re: Child learning to walk - Please share with me your experience!
Post by: Rose on May 08, 2012, 03:11:03 PM
Dear Sarah,

Well for one thing this forum, while viewed a lot, does not get a lot of responses.  Have you tried Today's Parent forums?  I remember those as being very busy.

As a daycare provider I have helped many children learn to walk.  Most teach themselves through a desire to travel from furniture to furniture to reach an object or person and gradually improve their balance that way.  However, some need a bit of help.

I recently had to help a 12 month old learn to walk.  The parents were constantly carrying or driving him places and for walks he goes in a wagon, but most people do that and the kids still learn to walk.  This kid just preferred to lay on the floor and slide on his belly. 

The biggest thing that helped was stairs.  Crawling up and down stairs works the same muscles they use for standing up.  I encouraged the parents to spend at least once per day letting their child go up the stairs from the bottom with them behind the child.  As well, once a day I did the same at the daycare. 

At 18 months (December) he finally learned to walk.  And while he doesn't run yet, when we go to the park we take the "scenic" route to force him to walk about 3 blocks farther.  He has a serious case of duck feet, where the toes are pointed outwards, but from what I've gleened from wiki, duck feet repairs itself within 1 year of walking.  The hope now is to have him running short distances by the end of summer.