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Title: Safe Kids Week - May 25-31, 2009
Post by: Laura on May 27, 2009, 03:53:23 PM
Welcome to Safe Kids Week 2009.

Safe Kids Canada is the national injury prevention program of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Each year, sponsor Johnson & Johnson and Safe Kids Canada join forces to run a major national campaign called Safe Kids Week.

The Safe Kids Week campaign raises awareness about a specific type of injury, and educates the public about prevention strategies. A different safety issue is chosen as the focus each year.

The theme of Safe Kids Week 2009 is Product Safety.

   1. Products we purchase for our homes, families and children are often linked to serious injury and death for children.
   2. In the pass two years product safety recalls have been highly publicized in Canada, causing great concern to parents and caregivers.
   3. This year's campaign will encourage government, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to make product safety a priority for Canada.
   4. Caregivers and parents will be given practical information on how to best protect their children from the product we use in our homes.
   5. A variety of different products will be highlighted to demonstrate how different products are related to injuries within different age groups.
   6. Call to Action: The Canadian government must introduce and pass new Product Safety Legislation which uses a precautionary principle to product safety.