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Title: educational outings for preschoolers
Post by: spud on February 13, 2008, 12:27:25 PM
Preschoolers should be exposed to experiences within their community where they can begin to see how to behave in public and have social opportunities with others their own age.  Some parents enrol their children in structured daycare where children get to be in small groups of same age children with exciting activities set out to engage in. Stay at home parents and home daycare providers sometimes choose to use library programs (ie storytimes), early learning centres have many many activities throughout the month to either drop in at or register for.  Some arenas offer free skating to parents and tots, and some parents go swimming with their little ones too (or enrol in lessons).  Going to the fire station and an airport and a police station are always fun and educational outings for preschoolers.  You can call and arrange these visits or go with your local early learning centre on one of their outings..sometimes they go to apple or pumpkin farms too.  Some cities have childrens museums that offer hands on activities for children to feel and touch and engage in to learn. Anyone have any other ideas for good outings?
Title: Re: educational outings for preschoolers
Post by: Icare on April 15, 2008, 04:36:05 PM
In the area I live in; in S'toon.... there is a lovely park with spruce trees and bushes & a small pond man made Lake...that is very shallow at the edge too, 8)

An outing...with my preschoolers toting a bag of bread crumbs for the duckings and ducks...seem to be a bit hit around here! :)  PLUS the local area library is close too!

Anymore ideas are more than welcomed though.... :)