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Babysitter / nanny wanted / Chestermere Amber DayHome
« Last post by ummarairshad on March 27, 2019, 04:19:11 PM »
I am offering Dayhome Services in the Rainbow Falls Chestermere Area

-Providing Before and After school care
-Smoke Free and Pet Free environment
-Accepting Full time or Part Time (occasional day to day basis also provided if needed)
-Accepting all ages (even babies)
-Experience of 4+ yrs with children of all ranges
-Provide Nutritious snacks and Lunch
-Provide Age Appropriate Learning Activities
-Indoor and Outdoor Play Area
-Hours of Operation: 6:45 - 6:00pm


Running a Daycare / Oncall babysitter/nanny rate?
« Last post by Oncall247 on November 12, 2018, 12:43:33 PM »
Hey everyone!
I need some help figuring out a fair rate for what I do. It's a little complicated but I will explain the best I can. I have been an on call babysitter for my friends daughter for a few years now. She started school this year and these are my dutys:
-no set hours. Some days I have her from 7am until school drop off at 9 and after school until whenever one of her parents is done work. They both work different hours and never have set hours. Some days I dont have her at all. Some days only 1 hour some days up to 8 hours.
When I do have her my dutys are:
-breakfast, snack and dinner
-no prior notice to when I will be watching her so I am oncall everyday
-pick up and drop off to school which is a short bus ride away
-pick up and drop off to her sport activity
-no vacation or sick days.. I have her whether her or I are sick
-on occasion she sleeps here

They are paying me a weekly rate now and a small portion of my bus pass (we are located in Toronto). Dad is unhappy with the amount they are paying me right now. I just wanted other opinions on how much I should be paid. They would like to pay me a daily or weekly rate.
Thanks in advance!
Babysitter / nanny services offered / overnight care
« Last post by Sally on September 10, 2018, 01:05:44 PM »
I was wondering if anyone does overnight care on the weekend...and what one would charge for that?   I have no idea and a friend is asking.
Hi everyone! I am Nana, 5 years Experienced Nanny!
 Start at 3month to 6year.

{or if you have children older than 6 years.Please send email to us.}

We have experience. And love to take care of children! At home I have one son, 6 years old and no dog. You are sure that all children are safe. And our house is clean.. We guarantee that your children will be in our care.. Believe in us and let us take care of your children...

** ChildCareDay°Night at my home in Snowy OWL WAY **

** We have a police certificate Criminal record and child intervention check... **

** {..IF YOU NEED ON SUNDAY please send email to us..}

** Contact us for more information At email: { 24 hours }

** In the daytime ** We respond to you every 1 hour. { or before 1 hour. In the daytime }

Nana M.
Thanks you
Toddlers / Help
« Last post by ROSEMARY on July 24, 2018, 10:36:22 PM »
Hello everyone. Please i urgently need any daycare centres in Russel Drive. Yorkton, Canada. I need to fix my son because i don't want to loose my job. Thanks so much.
Babysitter / nanny services offered / delton area dayhome, edmonton, ab
« Last post by seross99 on June 27, 2018, 07:44:01 PM »
hello, i am a mom of 2 children, one with autism and one with adhd, i have run my dayhome for 4 years, i have 2 full time spots available asap as well as one full time spot available come september 1st, i am a private dayhome soo no i do not offer subsidy but do have lower rates for those that would qualify for subsidy. i do have my first aid/cpr, a clear criminal record check, i also do have many references, i also have lots of experience with children with special needs, i am located on 122nd ave and 94st of edmonton, ab
Off topic discussions / Daycare Money scam alert
« Last post by Sally on May 30, 2018, 01:38:12 PM »
I have received a message for daycare, after a couple emails I am told they are out of the country and would like to send a deposit to hold the position until they return...a months fees without meeting me.   As I have seen this before, I said no.   Then comes the pressure to send you a cheque to pay for the holding fee of a month.   The scam is, you get the cheque, then you are immediately contacted that they sent to much and need it back immediately to be able to return home or whatever.   When you send this cheque in a week or so, however long the banks take, you find the cheque they sent has bounced...your bank deducts that money, charges you the bounced cheque fees and you money you sent back is gone.   Please be aware.
My sister and I are in search of a car8mg loving woman to care for our children. She currently has a 9 month old boy and I have a 3 week old girl.

We are looking for care to start in may 2019 on a part time basis until September 2019. In September 2029 her boy will be 2 and will require full time care; I will have a 16 month old and will require part time to full time care depending on my schedule. We are looking for someone to care for them in on of our homes.

Looking for someone with years of experience, cpr certified, police records check, your own car, and references.

Please email me if you think you would make a good fit with us...
Babysitter / nanny wanted / A before and after childcare
« Last post by Jharding on February 27, 2018, 04:17:42 PM »
Hi everyone

I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls, one is starting school in September and will be attending Dr. Emily Stowe public school in Courtice, Ontario, and the other will only be 15 months, if I can find someone to watch both girls it would be a plus but if I can't I really only need someone to watch and take my child to and from school, my 15 month old I can get someone to watch her.

The reason I have been having so many problems finding a before and after childcare service is because I may be getting a new job and I will need to have someone that is opened at 5:30am the earliest and if I am on afternoons I would need someone to pick her up from school, this would be a 2 weeks days and 2 weeks afternoons .

So if there is anyone willing to work with me and help out please don't hesitate to email me at as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

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