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separation anxiety
« on: February 13, 2008, 12:39:53 PM »
Separation Anxiety is behaviour that shows that either the child and/or the parent are experiencing anxiety about leaving eachother.  It is easiest for everyone involved to plan how one is going to leave the child before it occurs. It is best to make it a short and quick goodbye and not prolong the goodbye...nor to focus on it.  IT is best to stick with have a great day, and ill see ya sooN! kiss , turn and leave. (sometimes a childcare provider or a teacher will take the child from the parent upon arrival allowing a quick kiss goodbye and thats it)  The child often stops crying within 5 minutes of the parent leaving. Ask the teacher before the first day of school how the teacher deals with this you are prepared and not resistant. parents who are resistant make the anxiety and separation harder.  Take a deep breath, put faith in your childcare provider or teacher and walk away.  You can call when you arrive home or at work and see how your child is doin if you are concerned. Any other ideas about this topic?


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