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Transitioning from Crib to Big Bed

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Looking for some ideas and suggestions on when to transition a child from a crib to a big bed.  Is there a particular age to do so and what methods were used?

When is a good age to make the move from a crib to a bed?

Dont ask me, my era slept with our kids...
this era.. I would have to say, after 3 months! like my dc parents have..they plop em in bed and they fall asleep without sound...interesting.

I'd like to know how thay manage to get them to fall asleep on their own.

consistency..when its time for bed, its time for bed, tuck them in close the door and leave. they will eventually fall alseep in that designated sleep frame (ie 930-11am or 1-3ish in pm) and learn that when they are lied down in a darkened room after a bottle or other routine behaviour, then they learn its sleep time. I figure they just didnt go back in to get the time i get them, they jsut sleep without fuss at their designated sleep times...interested eh! I wish I could have done that , but I always "checked on them" thus disturbed them and them seeing me and thinking, maybe its NOT sleep time, yay-then they get excited or confused...I think I also picked them up after a while if they cried or didnt fall asleep, so they counted on me coming back. My dc parentss didnt go back I dont think !  know what I mean?In the end , the babies I have got in my dc, have been great, calm easy to get to sleep kinda kids.


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