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Author Topic: Poor day-care record-keeping hampers Alberta gov't  (Read 2423 times)

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Poor day-care record-keeping hampers Alberta gov't
« on: October 30, 2010, 10:28:35 AM »
Alberta day-care and day-home inspectors keep poor records that make it impossible for Children's Services to know whether child-care programs meet provincial standards, the auditor general says.

In a 238-page report released Tuesday, Merwan Saher criticized the ministry for failing to make sure inspectors consistently document and enforce low-risk breaches.

"Improvements are needed in documenting ... monitoring results, including enforcement action taken to remedy non-compliance," Saher wrote. "Without improving documentation processes, the system will not operate as intended."

A low-risk breach happens when day-care operators fail to maintain accurate emergency contact records for a child, for example, or when they fail to post food menus.

Saher said parents should take comfort in the fact that serious problems -- ones that could affect the health and safety of a child -- were addressed promptly and effectively across the province.

However, failing to document low-risk problems can allow small problems to fester and grow.

The auditor's report contained 41 recommendations, including 30 new ones and 11 that were repeated because they had not yet been implemented. He also chastised the government for moving too slowly to clear up more than 200 recommendations from past reports.


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