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What are some types of objects you have seen?

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Have you seen some interesting transitional objects, if so what are they?

soothers are the most often used item..yes i hate them! but they have a purpose...I just dont like to see children over the age of 2 with them!

blankies are the second favourite, I think. Most kids have a special blanky they have.

some children have a special toy, like a bunny or other stuffed toy.

My niece used to LOVE her tag on her whale...rubbing it on her nose :D

My youngest actually never had a special least not one that she could take with her..boobies belong to me lmao!

Blankets and stuffies - it always happens!  Sometimes a photo of the parent may help a child or something of the parents so they know they wil return (like keys).

LOL...I love it, now i know that i'm not the only one with that particular transitional object. (the boobies)

My son had a little pillow with my childhood cloth photo on either side in the that he is older he just does not care for it as much as he did.  :(


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