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The Ontario Early Learning Centre (OELC) has many free programs available at various times through out the week that parents and caregivers alike can engage in. Some of the programs you need to pre-register for and others are drop in.

The Public Library holds various programs for various ages. Storytimes.

A local Bookstore will often hold special events as will specialty stores.

Swimming and skating are great activities to do with your children or daycare kids.

Libraries used to have great free programming for kids of all ages. Family film night and special events were very popular. They used to also have toys available for borrowing. Due to budged cuts all those things had disappeared.

I guess -again- it depends on where you are, our LIBERAL local govt has decided to fund that as well (it also has funded our local best start childcare funding so we can continue the programs we currently have in place that was established with the liberals funding for best start prior to the conservatives squashing that funding at the federal level once they were mistakenly voted in by the unknowledgable public) oops off topic... :)
I actively participate in several local libraries in my area, where there are guest speakers from local businesses ie clowns, musicians, story tellers , animals, etc
there are crafts for the kids the do (pre registration required) and parent education classes, groups for various truly is wonderful and it's nice to see people in our communty using the services - because ultimatly it was that that saved our programs and libraries...the # of people who use them.

Yes, alot of daycares still take their groups to local libraries where they can participate in programs for various age groups. The frequency of the walk-in type programs has greatly deminished.

Locally, our library will not allow daycares to participate in the library program (lirarian reads a story, has a few songs, does a craft) because they say that daycares are supposed to be doing this anyways so only families can participate.  We have a Childcare Resource and Referral program that has a toy lending library that members can borrow from.  They also have a low-cost play centre ($2 for the first child, $1 for each additional child) which is open to anyone.  They have stories, songs, a theme-related craft and the parents/caregivers are required to participate.  They just bring their own snack and for 2 and a half hours the daycare/families have the use of the space.  On rainy or snowy days it is a nice place to go.  I don't use it as I have preschool but I stopped in there today because I was borrowing some Farm-themed kits.  There was about ten children and families/daycare there.     


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