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Hello everyone,
My husband and I have registered our son at Kids & Company in Halifax, the Barrington Street location. Our employer has a contract with this daycare. Our choices were very limited in any case as we needed part-time care and our son is an infant. I've since been trying to find out more information about the place. Since registering him, I found out via the CBC website that one day last spring, a 2 year old wandered off by himself on an outing to a park and was missing for a couple of hours.
After that the facility came under investigation and a few infractions were found, 5 of 7 of which were solved within a couple of days
I'm new to the child care scene so I'm not sure what to make of this. This kind of problem may be quite common, and our tour of the facility was a very good experience--the kids seemed happy and well cared for, the programs seemed good, the staff seemed nice enough, and most importantly for me, the facility is equipped with webcams so you can log in and check up on your child whenever you want through the day. But of course this news about the toddler getting lost really worries me. That said, I was a wanderer/runner as a child and got lost a couple of times, and I had a very devoted stay at home mother.
Anyway I'd love to hear from any parents whose children are in this daycare, or anyone else who wants to chime in. I suppose I'm mostly looking for reassurance because, at the moment, we have no other options for part-time daycare (I can work from home several days per week). Our son is very young and most daycares only take children who are 18 months and older; this is the only daycare we've found that will take infants part-time. When he's a bit older, I'd consider putting him in another facility full-time (we are on waiting lists for a couple of good ones) but right now, I'm thinking 2-3 days at a daycare and the rest of the time with me is preferable to full-time at a daycare. He will be starting at the daycare in about 3 months, when he will be 10 months old.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
- A worried mother

My daughter goes to Kids and Co and has been for almost a year now. We are more comfortable with this daycare than any other facility that we looked at. The majority of the staff is second to none, the children are fed healthy meals and the school offers programs to promote early literacy. We also love the web cam feature. It gives us peace of mind when we have to be away from our daughter.

Thanks so much for your response--it's very reassuring! I've since learned that a co-worker's daughter is there and she's also been impressed.

I run a small in home day care. I always tell people that if it feels wrong then it is. We are the only animals on the planet that ignore there instincts. Don't look to others to make you feel comfortable. If it feels wrong move on you owe no one an explanation, and maybe you don't have one. Thats fine too.


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