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Author Topic: Week of Feb. 18th. thru 25th. "We Love our Pets theme"  (Read 3971 times)

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Week of Feb. 18th. thru 25th. "We Love our Pets theme"
« on: February 18, 2008, 04:25:07 PM »
Art: (M/T)     : fun foam pet collage on cardstock
      (W/Th)   : cookie cutter pet prints
      (F)         : dog biscuit prints

Craft: (M/T)   : Spot the Dog headband (use at circle for BINGO song)
         (W/Th) : toilet roll puppy dog
         (F)       : Mary had a Big Red Dog-book to make

Circle: every day we start circle with this: circle welcome song / special helper / calendar / weather / special news
         (M/T)   : story: One More Pet  song: BINGO  magnet board: My Five Pets
                      other: surprise bag (stickers of pets) / hand out 'We Love our Pets" sheets for homework (colour and add photo of family pet to return and put into ther binder to add to the bookshelf and use for show and tell)

         (W/Th)  : story: Franklin wants a pet  songs: review from last class
                       other: show and tell pet page / sign for cat
          (F)       : story: Mary had a Big Red Dog / My Animal Friends  songs: review 
                      other: finish pet pages show and tell  /review sign

Phonics (M/T)  : start 'o' story / look for 'o' in names / look for 'o' pictures in story
           (W/Th): show and tell for 'o'
Fine Motor: pet puzzles / playdough with Doggy Doctor set
Gross Motor: continue with Do the Dragon (month-long)

Sensory:  rice with mini pets

Science: what do pets eat (match pictures with food)

Skill activities: colour matching dogs and bones game / matching same fish in fishbowl; counting by two's   

Dramatic Play: vet shop with stuffed pets / basket of pet toys

Blocks and Buildings: Doggy Daycare bin added.

Portfolio work: colour February pages; add art work; photos taken

Magnetic Wall: teddy bears with different outfits
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