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Week of February 25th. thru 29th.


Theme: We love our Pets - second week (I tend to do 2 weeks per theme)

Art activities: M/T    animal themed sponge prints (dog paw print, cat paw print, fish print)
                 : W/Th  hand print kitty cat
                 : F       playdough hedgehogs (playdough/broken spaghetti/googly eyes)

Craft activities: M/T    rainbow fish (photocopy to colour, glue on pieces of tinfoil and coffe filters - they will pick up the coloured markers when the glue is wet)
                    : W/Th  paper plate fish bowls     
                    : F        My Pet book

Circle:  regular circle activities/continue with 'cat' sign/ show I love my Pet book made by class/ add new pages as they come in / discuss Leap Year.

Stories:        M/T    "A Pocketful of Pets"
                  W/Th   " Cat and Mouse in the Rain"
                   F        "One Guinea Pig is Too Many"

Songs: continue from last week / Going to the Pet Store (change "Going on a Bear Hunt)

Phonics:       M/T - 'o' alphabet book page
                  W/Th- start 'p' story

Gross Motor: continue for month

Fine Motor: begin cutting assessments (angles - line/triangles/squares/octagons) 

Sensory:    continue with rice play and mini pets / add smelly markers to writing.

Science:  look at class pet pictures and talk about growth (for some reason the kids are all talking about their pets getting 'fixed'!)

all areas continue the same (Dramatic Play / Blocks and Building / Games and Puzzles / Playdough / Books )     

catch up on Phonics books, assessments and portfolios for those who were away.

Do you have the littlest pet shot toys  by chance? They are a really big hit here..the house and about 50 pets...would go good with your theme lol!

I don't have those but the kids do love anything 'smallish' don't they!  I did pick a few sets up for birthdays though!  We finish pets this week and move into Easter/Spring.


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