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Too many kids in a Calgary Private Day Home

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Hello.  A lot of private day homes in Calgary have too many kids in their care at one given time.  Is there a place to report this? 

I don't think so.  This is why I don't trust dayhome operators....parents need to do spot inspections and drop by unannounced.  Sorry to all trustworthy dayhome operators (and I'm sure they are the majority) but a few bad apples spoil the lot IMO.

Their should be a place to complain.  If you contact a daycare centre or licensed home they will have a contact number for you.  All complaints are confidential.  Your name will NOT be revealed.  In my 7 years I have had two complaints listed against my daycare and the complainers name was never revealed.

Sorry, I live in Saskatchewan so I don't have a number for you.  Also, if you complain about a daycare that does not mean they come in and close it down.  Instead, they will send in a complaint team to talk to the provider and work out a solution that harms the least number of parents while complying with the Child Care Regulations.  Ex:  I was helping a parent by taking a part-time school ager 2 days a month and got caught.  I was over my numbers by one child and I had to send them a report detailing who I was letting go and the ages of my remaining children.

Try this:

AJ, I think it is really the opposite most home daycare providers follow the rules. Myself I am normally way under my numbers .I enjoy kids but to many at one time would drive me crazy lol.  I like  being small and home like and still have my sanity the end of the day !  ;D


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