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Easter activities


Art - condensed milk painting with food colouring on fingerpaint paper.
     - corn syrup art
     - egg shell collage
     - dyeing eggs; marbled eggs (dye with oil added)

Crafts - Easter bonnets
         - yarn-laced strawberry baskets (fill with easter grass, add pipecleaner handle)
         - paper plate bunny mask

Dramatic play - easter baskets, plastic eggs, bunny masks, stuffed bunnies

Sensory play - playdough with easter cookie cutters
                  - lentils/rice/etc. with mini plastic easter eggs

Other - decorate sugar cookies or cupcakes
        -  easter egg hunt; find and sort eggs by colour

Good stuff Jen~
Im going to an easter party being put on by the county that monitors and licenses my program...Its nice that they offer services, events, training etc .


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