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I am just starting a daycare, I am in Ontario close to Toronto.
I'm not sure how much to charge for part time, my full time is $35 a day.
Please help
Thank you.

There are alot of things to consider. Like will it be set days M,W,F OR T,TH. I charge an extra $5 per day but I do part time minimum three days per week, but let parent pick there days. Works for me it is harder to fill a 2 day space this way you get the most out of your part time space. I find it makes it easier to fill this way.
Good Luck

if it is a home daycare, that too much

I run a home day care, in my opinion so called real day cares charge to much there kids never leave the property. They have circle time and learn there ABC and 123. Bring home their parent pleas er crafts that the employees made, glue a to b and your done. Please children will learn that stuff in a vaccum. What they learn in these settings is to be mean, hit, bite etc. Because the employees are busy talking, texting, pulling on their to tight cloths etc. My day care kids have music, science classes, go to the local rec center for swimming, skating, use of there party rooms with bouncy castles. Make muffins for snack, take long walks in the woods and find cool stuff to turn into crafts. I have worked in licenced day cares and in my opinion they are not good places for children. The real problem is parents do not know that licenced does not mean better, when was the last time the government did what was best for you. Children need to learn to wait their turn, be patient, think outside the box, be helpful to others, be gentle, need I go on. In case you are wondering yes it is very frustrating when people that have no education in the child care field tell me that my work is not valid and not worth paying for. I have a waiting list that I will never get to the bottom of.

I run a home daycare and have for over 24 years. I don't do half days as I am not a drop off centre and it just gets in the way of my daycare as I can't leave my home for walks or a trip to the park as I might have to be home by a certain time. I choose only to do full days and that could mean Mon-Fri or 2 or 3 days a week,but, my price is the same . If you choose to do half days then charge half your price of a full day.
Just keep in mind you will be tied down more…if you don't leave your property with the children then 1/2 days might just work for you.
Good luck :)


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