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A bigger and better child benefit: A $5,000 Canada Child Tax Benefit

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Caledon Institute of Social Policy has recently proposed some changes that would allow for increased Federal Child Care Benefit Plan to $5,000 for every child in low-income families. Benefit also would improve child benefits for the large majority of non-poor families, which have modest or middle incomes.

The direct link to the report is

Well if the Federal government is determined to squash our Best Start programs..then they need to do something~

Here is some more info on said subject

Right now, the maximum a low income family can receive per child is $4,471. It's proposed that the amount should be $5,000. This would cost the Canadian taxpayer roughly $14 billion per year.


WOw, I just spent the last hour and half readign that whole article. Thank you for that info. I cant say I agree though with the idea. I still have my heart set on a national childcare program adn I feel that would solve more issues than this article even covers.  Why should people who make 150 000 still get a child tax benefit? I dont get it?  Yes I do agree that middle and poor families need to be assisted much better..especially since the national childcare program was squashed (Best Start).  Best start would have provided childcare for every child up to age 12, so every family would indeed benefit...even the poor would directly benefit...and would have the opportunity to go to school or work without childcare expenses being the main issue.  isnt that really the expense we are talking about here??  I am undecided about this plan, as I do not believe we are getting our national childcare program, so we have to settle with something...i just dont think the rich should be set up to get richer on government dollars...I think we should strengthen our social programs and make quality childcare available to everyone.

IT says it would cost 17 billion to run this benefit...up from 13.1 billion in 2007...sigh* so how much would a national childcare program cost? and add in the benefits free daycare brings to families..would that not be more worthwhile? both for the kids and families?


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