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I'm an experienced(10 years), qualified, 36 years old nanny from London. I've recently moved to Calgary and now planning to open my unlicensed day home care business. I would like to find out whether the area I live needs more day home care, where to advertise, pricing etc.

And also do you think me being new to the area would affect me getting families to contact me?

Thanks in advance.


It's not weather a new day home is needed, it's weather you can offer something not available. I live in an area where there is a day care up the street one down and lots of day homes. I have a waiting list I will never get to the end off. We have many activities, we go out. Parents like their kids to go places instead of never leaving the property.  The local sports plex gives us a great deal  for swimming, staking, bouncy pals. If you have something to offer you will fill up quick and stay that way.

Thank you Lorene for your reply. I'm now opening my home day care in November and have had quite a bit of interest.

Thanks again.


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