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Looking for suggestions for easy breakfasts and snack ideas for my before and after school that I am offering. Breakfast will obviously have to cater to older kids who probably are a bit picky and need to be quick before school starts but obviously a bit more than cold cereal.

Breakfast ideas:
Oatmeal, milk, brown sugar, fruit
Yogurt, granola, fruit
French toast/pancakes, milk, fruit
Toast with choice of topping, yogurt, fruit
Cereal, milk, fruit

Snack ideas:
In Saskatchewan, snack must consist of a fruit or vegetable and one other food group.
My fruit or vegetable (usually fruit) varies based on whatever is on sale
Second food group as Milk:  easy is glass of milk or yogurt, cheese, cheese string if you wanna get fancy
Second food group as Bread:  banana bread, crackers, bagels, muffins, cookies, rice cakes

Other snack ideas:
Veggies and dip (dip counts as milk group)
Trail mix
Nachos with cheese and salsa (serve with snap peas)

those are great! thanks rose

Great suggestion given by Rose. This will be the best menu.

Thank you Rose , for suggestions.


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