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Author Topic: The Search for Local Food  (Read 1860 times)

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The Search for Local Food
« on: March 21, 2012, 11:46:38 AM »
I have been searching for local food since I moved to Saskatchewan from Yellowknife.  You would think living in the equivalent of a big wheat field, it would be fairly easy, but NO! *shocked*

First, I started with local farmers.  Eggs, milk, cream, organic potatoes and carrots, it was all there, as long as I was willing to drive for about an hour for each item.  Great in summer, not so great in winter.

Next I tried the farmers market.  I could easily drop $100 on great food every visit but this is when I discovered my first daycare stumbling block:  NO RECEIPTS.  As a daycare, I can write off food, but only if I can get a receipt.

Then I discovered an EcoFarm in my area.  First at the Craik Solar Fair a few years ago, then at a Seedy Saturday seed exchange last month.  I brought my husband to a meeting the farmer was giving to prospective clients.  Here is his website but you can google EcoFarm for farmers in your area.  Finally!  Good food, receipts, and all the food is delivered to a spot 30 minutes away.

I mailed off my contract and post-dated cheques yesterday and am excited to see what I get.

Wish me luck!


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