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Regular preschool or Montessori preschool?


I have heard a lot about Montessori teaching structures vs. play-based preschool. Are there any concerns for children who attened a Montessori school? Which system is more suitable for children? Comments please.

Montessori is also play-based, just not playing with the same types of toys the children already have at home (dolls, balls, trucks, etc).  Montessori children have free choice of a wide variety of activities, but these add some educational benefit - like improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, learning to differentiate shapes, colours, sizes, etc.  Each child is treated as unique, & will choose activities that match his desires as well as his level.  Bit by bit, the children become interested in language & math activities (again, at their appropriate level, in a step-by-step progression) as they might see older children learning them.  It gives the children a sense of accomplishment, independence, self confidence. 
I've taught Montessori for over 12 years.  I've seen nothing but positive for the children who have gone through the Montessori preschool years.  They are still playful & imaginative, but often academically, they have a more solid foundation. (no disrespect meant to anyone else)

my kid attended Montessori last summer and it was a great foundation.
He learned how to follow instructions specifically Montessori's rules

Although it is  a quite expensive but I never regret that I sent my son in there. 

It just parents choice to prefer Regular  preschool or Montessori preschool. No doubt both will provide education to kids.


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