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Fun-in-a-box Canada
« on: April 15, 2008, 03:15:38 PM »
Finally a Canadian company (they all seem to be US based!) that provides pre-packaged program kits.  I was particularly excited that it is in Vancouver, since I am in BC!  I checked out their site, which is still in the 'new' stages and they are working out the bugs!  I talked to them today and will be getting some info. from them. 

I have used some pre-packaged kits within my own program; not as the only program as I think you need to personalize/individualize it. I think it gives a 'base' for those who are looking for new ideas or just starting out, don't have the time, etc.    I have numerous theme boxes with all my activities then add my art activities to it that I do based specifically for the group I have.  I like to order some craft kits as it helps with saving time.  I like a good balance in my program, it wouldn't be my personal choice to do only a program made up by someone who didn't know me, my group, what I have, etc.  I was impressed with the person I talked to (Shauna) as she really recommended personalizing it.  She seemed to have a good understanding that they don't know the individual children they provide a base and you can use only that or add on.  Apparently it is set up like that.  Every year the group is different so even when you do a theme again it is brand new because the children are new or older.

You can find them at

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