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4 Reasons To Switch To Cloth Diapers


Thirty years ago, cloth diapers were commonly used, while disposables were a considered by many to be a luxury item. Today, however, disposables are the norm, and few people even consider using cloth diapers.

However, just as the Bob Dylan song goes, "the times they are a-changin'". Here are four reasons that modern parents may want to use cloth diapers instead of disposables.

I used cloth with both my girls and it wasn't an inconvenience at all!

We used cloth diapers when ours was an infant as well. Although it's no less or more inconvenient than the disposable ones, I think they are less absorbant. That would be my only issue with them.

I used good ol name brand pampers for both my girls, but in hindsite or had I go do that infant thing again today, I would definatly consider cloth diapers with the way they are made today they are quite easy and very environmentally friendly.

HIi all,
Actually nappy(today's diaper) have been using since 1965 century but the difference is that that time people called it nappy and today we calling it Diaper.


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