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Hello everyone I'm wondering what preparations i need to do to open my home daycare?
Any info would be great! I live in Pincourt Quebec I currently work in a daycare with about 65 kids
so I decided to do this at home so I could be with my kids also.

Hi there, I am also waiting for a reply from anyone here to give me some information on how to start up a private dayhome.

It's really a good idea.

You should have CPR training and childcare courses you can find to take, food handling course, you are limited to 5 children and of those 5 can only have 2 under 2 years of age if you have any of your own children under 6 they count in your total if they are not in school yet once they are in Full Day Kindergarten then only count in the summer.

Guidelines (laws) regarding dayhomes and daycares vary province to province. You can contact Child Services in your province and they should be able to answer all questions or at least give you a website for the province that will show any requirements/restrictions regarding childcare


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