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Author Topic: Safe Kids Canada applauds new booster seat laws to protect children  (Read 6776 times)

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Children in two provinces will ride more safely
when new booster seat laws take effect on Canada Day. Safe Kids Canada is very
pleased that beginning July 1st, British Columbia and Newfoundland and
Labrador will become the latest provinces to enact mandatory booster seat
    "Laws making booster seats mandatory for children who have outgrown their
car seats, but are too small for seat belts alone, will prevent injuries and
save lives," says Pamela Fuselli, executive director of Safe Kids Canada.
    Seat belt syndrome is the medical term used to describe the devastating
pattern of injuries that can happen to children who are buckled into an
ill-fitting seat belt during a crash. Research shows that booster seats
provide 60 per cent more protection than seat belts alone, for children
approximately four to nine years old. "We know the majority of these children
are riding in adult seat belts even though they don't fit safely," say
Fuselli. "This puts children at risk for serious injuries to the spine and
internal organs."
    Booster seat legislation is already in effect in five other Canadian
provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New
Brunswick. While legislation varies somewhat between provinces, in general the
laws require booster seats for children who are 40 to 80 pounds (18 to 36
kilograms) and/or at least 9 years old and/or at least 4 feet 9 inches tall.
Parents should check with their province for exact regulations.
    Safe Kids Canada urges all remaining provinces and territories to enact
booster seat laws to protect children, and urges all Canadian parents to use
booster seats when needed regardless of where they live. In addition, Safe
Kids Canada encourages that all legislation be complemented with education and


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