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Daycare is stealing from me


Hello,  i'm in a awkward situation, I gave my home daycare provider 4 week advance pay last week to be nice before the holidays instead of a post dated check for the two other week.  The next day she informs me that her daily rate will increase of 15$ per day.  This situation is unbelievable, as if I would accept that.  I then ask her if i can have the advance money I gave her.  She says yes, but when it was time to pick up the reimbursement, she didn't gave it to us, she says it's in my contract, that I have to pay her two weeks for the Holidays and two weeks notice (4 weeks total = 1000$).  But in my contract copy, no where it says that, and she doesn't want to show me her contract version, that's telling me she's lying.  I don't believe I will see my 500$ back.  But is there somebody that know what I can do about it?
Thanks for any help it's greatly appreciated

Small claims court? Even threatening can sometimes help.
Also is she registered/accredited? You could get in touch with her agency?


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