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Author Topic: Study: Poor nutritional quality in 89% of kid-targeted foods  (Read 3627 times)

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The food your kids love may not be as nutritious as you think. A recent study found that in Canada as much as 89% of foods targeted at kids have poor nutritional quality – and that’s not even including known junk foods like potato chips and candy.

In a study published in Obesity Reviews, researchers analyzed 367 products targeted at children, including cereal, granola bars, frozen dinners, pudding, pasta, soup, drink boxes, yogurt and chocolate milk. Natural produce made up only 1% of the products tested and included baby-cut carrots and mini-apples. Of all the products, 326 were not considered a good source of nutrition due to an excessive amount of sodium, sugar, and/or calories from fat.

All products tested had “fun” appeal for kids, featuring bright colors and child-like printing, games or puzzles, prizes, tie-ins with popular kids TV shows and movies, or cartoon figures aimed specifically at kids. Surprisingly, 62.7% of the products also featured a nutritional claim such as: low-fat; a source of calcium; made with real fruit juice; trans-fat-free; a source of fibre; no artificial flavours/colours; or preservative-free.

After analyzing the food, only 11% of products were determined to have good nutritional value. Almost 23% of the products had an excess amount of calories coming from fat, 17% had high sodium levels and 69.5% of products had excessive levels of sugar – including more than 90% of children’s cereals and 100% of granola and cereal bars tested.

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Re: Study: Poor nutritional quality in 89% of kid-targeted foods
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YES..we really really need to get back to basics in our cooking, grow /buy local and fresh..and cook from scratch!!


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