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What to say to a new parent who wants to spend the day at my Dayhome?



Any thoughts on this?  I have a new child starting on Monday and the mom just sent me an email.  Hope you don't mind if I spend the day as well. What do I say yo that.  Obviously I have nothing to hide but that will throw everyone off their routine.

I typically advise parents that during transition phase, it's best to keep visits including the parent to about 2 hrs or less the first day as the other children's routine is affected with guests visiting.  It's also better for their own child not to associate the parent too much with the daycare. If parents stay long, their child begins to think they are a part of the DC.  Best to visit 2 hrs first day, less the 2nd and leave for 1/2 hr, hopefully by the 3rd day the parent leaves immediately, with a smile even if child is crying, for half a day or so.


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