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Diaper Rash Treatment: Keep Baby’s Bottom Dry


Diaper rash treatment and prevention are the matter of worry, since it annoy and affect very much. Most of the moms are worried about it. In this regard keeping baby’s bottom dry is the best for diaper rash treatment.
Following aspects should be considered and maintain for your baby’s diaper rash treatment;
1. Revoke the Diaper after a Certain Period
2. Remove the Water after Bath
3. Frequent Change of Diaper
4. Clean the Urine and Feces Quickly
5. Clean the Urine and Feces Quickly
7. Remove the Sweating
8. Use Powder
9. Diaper Rash Cream

Please add more as you experienced as parents.

It's also important that, every time before and after diaper change, wash your hands properly


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