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Time Outs for a Toddler


Do you think that time outs for a toddler work?  Are there any other strategies that you can offer to other parents/caregivers?

I don't generally do "time-outs' with toddlers, more of a removing them from the situation, letting them know it is not ok, and then letting them go off and play something else. But it depends on the toddler and the "offence".
If the child has endangered another child and is testing boundaries by doing it repeatedly after being asked to refrain, I would separate the child for a bit. Children who can't play without hurting another child, don't get to play with others. They would have to play separately or even sit out.

I think time outs are fine for children over the age of 2. At 2 they are perfectly capable of understanding what it's all about. Under 2, redirection is used for here.


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