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New rules for unlicensed daycare in Ontario as of Sept 1, 2015


Anyone providing unlicensed daycare in Ontario will be hit with a change as of Sept 1, 2015. Most of you probably already know, but I've seen a few questions here that haven't been answered, so I decided to provide a little information.

Unlicensed daycare in Ontario used to have a limit of 5 children under age 10, not including the caregivers own children. The new regulations place a limit of 2 children under age 2, and your own children under age 6 are now counted.

This change has caused a few private daycares to close down because with children going to school earlier, the full time day care was already lower than it used to be. With those 2 changes, daycare just isn't profitable enough for many.

The new regulations do not change licensed private home daycare.


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