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FYI: number of children allowed for home based child care

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Many people thinking about going into daycare want to know how many children they can care for and what age limits there are. Each province and territory has its own limits and regulations, and they also depend on whether you start a licensed or unlicensed daycare.

As of February 2016, here are the numbers for private home based businesses.

Ontario licensed:
- 6 children under age 10
- 2 children under age 2
- your own children under age 6 are included

If you operate with 2 child care providers, you may be allowed to double the numbers.

Ontario unlicensed:
- 5 children under age 10
- 2 children under age 2
- your own children under age 6 are included

more details - Child Care and Early Years Act

For the other provinces and territories, here are the basic numbers. I will post later with more details and links for each one.

British Columbia - 2 children not including the caregiver's children.
Yukon - 3 children including the caregiver's children.
Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, North West territories and Nunavut - 4 children including the caregiver's children.
Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick - 5 children including the caregiver's children.
Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Alberta - 6 children including the caregiver's children.

BC limits:
Unlicensed is a limit of 2 children.
Licensed is more complicated, and has various child/adult ratios determined by which care program you are in. In general, for one person providing care, the limit is 7 or 8 children with age restrictions.

more details:
Schedule E shows the various situations and limits.

Alberta limits:
In Alberta, "child care" implies child care centre. Home based is called day home.

Licensed (or approved) family day home:
- 6 children age 0-12 including the provider's own children
- 3 under age 3
- 2 under age 2

Unlicensed day home:
- 6 children, not including their own
- no age restrictions

more details:

In Saskatchewan, family child care homes, whether licensed or unlicensed, may care for a maximum of eight children including the providers own children under 13 years of age. Five of these children may be infants, toddlers and pre-school children of which only two may be infants and toddlers. If three infants and toddlers are in care, all other children must be of school age.

Quoted from:
You can see a table of all allowed combinations there.

Manitoba licensed:
- 8 children maximum
- 5 under age 6
- 3 under age 2
- provider's own children are included

Manitoba unlicensed:
- 4 children under age 12 maximum
- 2 under age 2
These numbers include the care providerís own children and any other children living in the home.

more details:


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