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Author Topic: FYI: how much to charge - P/T vs F/T  (Read 1399 times)

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FYI: how much to charge - P/T vs F/T
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:51:23 PM »
My previous post explains how to come up with rates to charge. Another question commonly asked is, what about part time vs full time.

In many types of businesses, it is very common to make a mistake.
Full time is XX dollars, so 1/2 the time would be 1/2 the cost. WRONG
Unless it's a business where half the time for one client means you will be making the same money from another client the other half of the time, you will be losing money if you charge half rate for half the time. In my home renovations, I charge so much for a days work, 3/4 the rate for a half days work, and half the rate for a quarter days work.

When figuring out my prices for daycare, if I start one, those ratios seem to work out pretty good. You may want to go more or less, but don't forget, in daycare if you have too many part timers, you are very likely to not get the perfect combination to be full at all times, and when you're not full, you make less money. Just don't let it be too much less.

Parents looking for very part time, like a couple days a week, are probably better off looking for a babysitter, if they're worried about the cost.

Not too long ago, Ontario had a nice setup. They had alternating day junior kindergarten. Group A would be Mon, Wed, and every other Fri. Group B would be Tue, Thu, and the other Fri. Perfect for daycare. You could take kids from group B certain days, and have group A the other days, except for PA days.  :o 

So, figure out your full time rates, then figure out part time rates with a fair compromise between rate cut and loss of income.

Hope this helps some of you with your decisions.


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