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Part-time enrollments on demand


Hi friends,

I have a question from those running daycares. If I'm not wrong, on a given day a daycare has 2 types of empty spots:

1. Spots of children who have not yet enrolled full-time
2. Spots of children who are sick or on vacation

The idea is to generate revenue from the above available resources. What about a platform where you can list your available spots (1) and (2) and accept part-time registrations? This would be useful to parents who want part-time care, or tourists who want to leave their kids for a day or two.

Given that you have a temporary contract, it is legal to accept part-time booking for a full-time child who is absent.

What do you think about this? Do you think its a feasible idea? Would you like to have such a service? Curious to hear back!




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