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Author Topic: Canada needs a national child care strategy now, advise paediatricians  (Read 1458 times)

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At least 70 per cent of Canadian children
under six years use non-parental care. Despite the overwhelming numbers,
Canada's current early childhood education and care system is a patchwork of
policies and programs that creates geographical and income inequities.
    Canadian children have the right to quality childhood care and education.
That is why the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) is urging governments to
develop a national strategy on early childhood education and care.
    "Investments in quality early childhood care and education have the
potential for significant returns down the road," said Dr. Danielle Grenier,
the Canadian Paediatric Society's Medical Affairs Director and co-editor of
Well Beings: A Guide to Health in Child Care. "Why then, does Canada rank so
low when it comes to overall spending on families and children, particularly
in the areas of childhood care and education services?"


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