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Author Topic: 2 Alberta children treated for meningococcal infection  (Read 1696 times)

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2 Alberta children treated for meningococcal infection
« on: January 26, 2009, 03:30:42 PM »

Doctors in Calgary are treating two children for meningococcal infection, a serious bacterial illness that can cause meningitis.

The two children, age 15 months and 4 years, respectively, aren't siblings but lived in the same Calgary house, health officials said Thursday afternoon.

...people do the most they can to protect themselves, particularly by ensuring their children have been properly and fully vaccinated.

Meningococcal disease can be spread through close contact, such as coughing, sneezing or kissing.

An infection can cause sepsis, a serious infection of the blood and other parts of the body. It can also cause meningitis, the inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord, which can be fatal.

Since 2002, Alberta has vaccinated children against three of the most common bacteria that cause meningitis, including meningococcus.

"While very effective, the vaccines do not protect against every strain of these three bacteria," the Alberta Health Services release said.

Alberta sees, on average, 20 cases of meningitis each year, of which about four are fatal.


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