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Does anyone want to share some menu ideas? what do you feed kids in your daycare? or what would you like to see your child fed in daycare?

I like to use my crock pot, as it is quite difficult to cook meals all day and get dinner ready too. I tend to serve the daycare leftovers from our I cook lots at one time!!

By the way, I have no kids so thats why Im posting up a storm lol! I think this post will make it 100 posts for spud lol (then Im leaving!!)
I serve chilli (once per month), stews, homemade soups, homemade mac and cheese casseroles, meatloafs, roasts.....

If you would like some sample menus, let me know. I'll find a way to post them.

I think this is a worthwhile place to post them. Im sure they would be useful.


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