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Author Topic: Rita Chudnovsky: Child-care crisis is a B.C. election issue  (Read 1321 times)

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Rita Chudnovsky: Child-care crisis is a B.C. election issue
« on: April 29, 2009, 09:05:11 PM »
After eight years of failed policies, ad hoc decisions, and inadequate funding, B.C. childcare is in a crisis. Just ask any young family in your community about their struggle to find affordable, quality care, and you will hear: Parent fees are high and rising.

In urban areas like Vancouver and Victoria, child-care fees can account for 20 percent of familiesí total expensesóthe second highest cost after housing. A Vancouver family with a four-year-old child in full-time childcare and a seven-year-old child in after-school care will pay at least $982 a month or $11,784 a year for childcare.

A large Vancouve-based child-care provider reports that without a significant increase in provincial funding, next year fees could be as high as $1,000 a month for three- to five-year-old children

But this is not just an urban issue. From 2001 to 2006, annual child-care fees for preschool-aged children in B.C. went up by $672. For school-aged care, the increase was more than $800.

The crisis doesnít stop there. There still arenít enough quality spaces.

Wait lists for quality childcare are years long. Only 14 percent of B.C. children under the age of 12 have access to a licensed child-care space. Despite governmentís claims that they are creating new spaces, this is only a two percent increase since 2001 and still falls far short of the need.


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