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Author Topic: Daycare workers shut out from swine flu shots  (Read 1444 times)

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Daycare workers shut out from swine flu shots
« on: November 05, 2009, 09:19:04 AM »
The Manitoba Childcare Association is chafing over provincial guidelines that leave daycare workers off the list of priority recipients for swine flu shots.

Excluding early childhood educators from the list of priority categories to get the H1N1 vaccine first doesn't make sense, the association said Wednesday.

Daycares are prime targets for influenza viruses and other communicable illnesses such as colds, said Pat Wege, the group's executive director.

Wege said that if children get sick, daycare staff will likely also be calling in sick, potentially causing the child-care system to screech to a halt.

She said she recently surveyed 100 Manitoba daycares, and one in five reported unusually high levels of absenteeism.

"It won't take many sick phone calls before the program is in trouble for the day," Wege said.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority expanded its priority list to 10 groups from four on Wednesday, but child-care workers weren't on it.


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