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I started running a home daycare in Oct.2009 and I have to file my taxes but I was hoping to get help on the best way how? :)

Hello Voter poster...

I am unclear what the real voting question is??
Can someone repost it or edit it or
clarifiy what the question you are asking of the voter, please.

I voted 'Daycare' as I claim as a daycare as I operate a daycare & we need INFO.

I am sure there are families who will vote they generally claim their 'Childcare' fees for INCOME tax credits & I am sure they need relavant INFO about this too?
Is there a limit that one family can claim?  Who should claim the childcare fees?

Either is worth the vote if I am reading the postee of the vote topics intensions correctly.

Please respond whomever posted the VOTE question as I am unclear of your actual question as it reads.

Thank-you for replying as this is most appreciated!


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