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Author Topic: Daycares, preschools, playgrounds affected by cuts to B.C. gaming grants  (Read 2115 times)

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The B.C. government was accused of clawing back millions from daycares, preschools and playgrounds yesterday, only a day after it justified deep cuts to arts, sports and environment groups by saying the money was needed to protect children's programs.

The government confirmed it had cut gaming grants for preschools, childcare centres and resource centres to $4.6 million this year, from $8.9 million last year.

The reduction was necessary so the government could afford grants for youth-based arts and sports programs, as well as food banks and search and rescue groups, said Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman.

The more than 50 per cent drop in daycare grants came on the heels of steep cuts to the province's overall gaming grants program announced Monday.


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