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Author Topic: Budget 2010 proposes changes to Universal Child Care Benefit  (Read 2024 times)

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In Budget 2010, the Government of Canada is proposing to make some changes to the Benefit, to support Canadian families. The Government proposes to improve the taxation of the UCCB to ensure that single-parent families receive comparable tax treatment to that received by two-parent families. This change will provide up to $168 in tax relief for single parents with one child under the age of six.

The Government is also proposing to allow parents with joint custody greater flexibility to split the monthly UCCB amount when a child lives in both households. This change will ensure that this benefit is paid out in a timely fashion to help parents meet the needs of their children.

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Re: Budget 2010 proposes changes to Universal Child Care Benefit
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2010, 06:12:18 PM »
would be nice but the only thing I see from this is Daycare costs will increase per child and in the end it will not help...What the Government must do is place a cap on Dayhomes I have contacted about 20 Dayhomes in my community and they all range from $650 to $900 per child! per month!!! higher $ requested if child is in school especially in Kindergarten and most dayhome WILL NOT take a child under the age of one, let alone provide transport to a school!!


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