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Assault Charges filed against Bethany Child care centre


To all parents,

Please read this link and be aware of what really goes on in daycare when you are not looking.

This does not occur on a regular basis in daycares.  My child's daycare has cameras on the kids and I am able to log in and watch.  Both my husband and I watch on a regular basis so we are never "not looking".  Posting something like this is scare mongering.

Thanks AJ!

I have run a home daycare for 7 years and I encourage all my parents to do surprise visits.

For those that do, they say they come away with a greater understanding of the challenges their child is facing (normallly, the child wants to play with the older kids, while keeping the younger kids away from their toys) and of the work that I actively put into the daycare to keep their children happy, safe, and involved.  This acknowledgement of my efforts makes me work twice as hard.

If you wish to drop in to your daycare, here are the worst/best times.  Lunch times is always the hardest time for me, when we are all tired and hungry.  It's a good time to see your daycare under "stress".  10am is always the best time for me, when we are actively involved in today's activities.  It's a good time to see your daycare in top form, when all the children should be enjoying themselves.


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