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Ruth's Happy Hearts Daycare - child care review and scores

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Ruth's Happy Hearts Daycare - daycare location and information

Lake Shore Blvd. West #3
Etobicoke ON
Royal York/Lake Shore Blvd. W
Age groups:
Infant Toddler Kindergarten Preschool Schoolage
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Details of the review and rating of Ruth's Happy Hearts Daycare

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user comment

October 22 2015

Staff: This daycare is not for everyone. Ruth's personality and childcare style can be jarring at times. The children attend a drop-in centre every morning, which is great, but this seems to be a time for socialization for many of the caregivers. A lot of times, the children are either playing by themselves or with each other without any direct interaction with Ruth unless required. She expressed her stress and frustration regularly, so I sensed a very negative environment. She would also complain about other children and other parents, which I found to be very unprofessional. Facilities: The apartment is small, and depending on the day it could be quite crowded. They do go out in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon. Meals: Great homecooked food. Overall: Ruth does provide a safe place for the children, but please make sure her standards and yours are aligned before making the decision.

Review Rebuttal

user comment

November 19 2015

I am surprised to have read such a negative review , I have been providing daycare for many years now and have always upheld a fun loving learning safe environment. While we are out at the various centres it is true that my children are encouraged to play independably or with their peers. The frustration I have expressed on occasion stems not from caring for my children but from having to watch and supervise other people\'s children while the parent or caregiver is too busy socializing or texting. I have very often rounded up all the willing children at the centre and engaged them all in group play ,making a Choo Choo train and dancing ,reading etc. I initiated a pot luck Halloween party and christmas party taking photos for everyone and distributing them to everyone who attended. From my own expense I provided everyone\'s\' child a gift bag to take home, I have brought in supplies for crafts etc. It is true that my home can be crowded while the children\' cots are in use. While the children are at home they follow a structured day. The eat from plates with the use of utensils and are encouraged to use them. My meals are mostly organic grain fed non antibiotic foods. In conclusion all criticism is a good opportunity for education and an opportunity to advance. So thank you for the opportunity to learn.

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