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Busy Little Beez - child care review and scores

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Toronto ON
Age groups:
Infant Toddler
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April 30 2015

We put our two kids in this daycare for 1 month and in the first month we were called once a week to come pick our kids up for being sick. The daycare likes to claim that kids have a fever and check temperatures regularily. Unfortunately, they use an ear thermometer which gives higher readings. I actually went to three different doctors when my child was sent home with "fever" and there was no fever at any of the times. My friends and family think my kids have the longest running fevers in history. Just last week I had to pick my daughter up with a "fever of 38.1" When I tested her immediately it was 36.3. This has happened on several occassions. The rule is they can't go to daycare the next day either. So if you are a person who can't miss a lot of work for a child who stays home playing, running around, and signing...I highly reccommend you choose another daycare. I will lovingly cuddle and keep my children home when they are sick, but when they are not they should be able to go to daycare.

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