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If your daycare has received a review and you wish to rebuttal, you may do so from your daycare account. Simply login and click the "Review Rebuttals" button found in your account. Don't have an account yet? Create a free daycare account and manage your daycare's info, add special features, provide your daycare's philosophy, current openings and much more.

Daycare reviews are currently disabled.

Review guidelines

Please provide constructive comments when reviewing a daycare. This site was created to help parents find good care for their children. If you have personal issues with the provider it makes perfect sense to address them privately. A good way to review a daycare is to comment on your ratings. Your IP and timestamp will be logged as part of this review. Terms of Use

In order to review a daycare, you must agree to the following:

  • You are not a daycare provider seeking to review your own daycare
  • You are not a daycare provider seeking to provide reviews for other daycares
  • You had interacted with this daycare by either working for this provider, looking for a daycare or having your child enrolled in this daycare
  • You understand that multiple reviews from the same IP are not allowed, and will be removed
  • You agree to provide a truthful, honest and unbiased review based on multiple occurances of the events you will discuss in your comments
  • You agree to maintain a professional tone in your review. You will not post personal information such as employee's name. You will reserve the comments to those outlined by the rating system (i.e. Equipment, Fees, Facilities ...)

Daycare reviews are currently disabled.

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