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Alberta Daycare Centres With Ratings And Reviews By City

Select a city in Alberta to get a listing of daycares. If you came to the wrong province from the search engine, you can change the province by selecting one of the options on the right.

The following list contains cities in Alberta with no daycare centres currently available in our database. If you are daycare owner, you can be the first one to advertise your daycare facility in your city,

Brief Alberta daycare information

Daycares in Alberta are operated under the Social Care Facilities Licensing Act. In order for a daycare in Alberta to be licenced, it must meet a set of standards ensuring safety, health and developmental needs of a child. Daycares are reviewed every 1 to 3 years depending on the standing of that daycare. In order to be licenced, daycare providers must maintain age-appropriate materials such as books, toys, and play equipment.

Alberta, much like any other province in Canada, provides a child care subsidy program which helps eligible low to mid-income families of pre-school kids with the cost of daycares. You must submit an application to become eligible for child care subsidy. Click here to get more information about child care in Alberta

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